Three Little Pigs Go To Yoga: The Book!

Three Little Pigs Go To Yoga: How the Wolf Got His Name is a coloring-drawing book designed to help you finally achieve the Enwolfenment you’ve been searching for.

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The Three Little Pigs Go To Yoga is a 15-minute story when you listen to it read out loud. Want to enjoy it now? Watch the video and listen to it read by author Alex Iglecia, MA from Kona, Hawaii.

A New Take On That “Big, Bad Wolf”

What a delightful story — for kids and adults alike. This book looks at the wolf for who he always was, and helps him to believe in his own strengths, instead of accepting the labels others have placed upon him. I can’t wait to share this book with my nieces and nephews! And the coloring pages are fun!

I love this sweet and insightful little book

I love this sweet and insightful little book. So do my housemates and my 12 and 9 year old sons. There are layers of meaning that make it enjoyable and relevant for all of us in our different stages of life. Very fun to read outloud to people of any age


Who Are the Three Little Pigs?

Meet Stuart

This little pig is the first pig in the story. He is a wise little teacher.

Meet Cheri

This little pig is the second pig in the story.
She is wiser than Stuart.

Meet Andy

This little pig is the third pig in the story.
He is the wisest little teacher of them all.

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The Three Little Pigs Go To Yoga is a 15 minute story when you read it out loud. I’ve read it to my dad, to kids, to my clients. It’s a lot of fun! 

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Find the YOU you love!

This familiar story told with a twist is a fun way to reinforce that you are exactly who you need to be so be YOU! I love children’s stories (and adult stories disguised as children’s stories) and my passion is to support women as they connect to their own inner wisdom and live as themselves. This book brought a smile to my face!


A book for adults and children, this book made …

A book for adults and children, this book made me laugh out loud and ponder quietly. It also made me want to get up, get out, and become my true self- and to encourage others to do the same.

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But it's REALLY about the wolf...

Meet the Big Bad...

How did the wolf get his name, anyway?

This special story goes where no other story has gone before to solve the greatest riddle of them all!


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I’m so excited to share my life’s work with you. Well, a wonderful expression of my life’s work. May you enjoy sharing the book and reading it on your journey to enwolfenment!

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Releasing what others say and having fun through the process…

When you want to expose your kids to a more inspiring story about owning who you really are, releasing what others say and having fun through the process. What a cool twist on a familiar tale. I also love that it reminds me of the Alchemist meets the 3 little pigs. Totally perfect for an enlightened discussion in a fun and playful way.


It’s a different view…

This was an interesting little book that twisted and turned in an unexpected way. I always love a story that tells the story that is not usually told. And, of course, a good lesson is always helpful. We need more media out there that encourages us (and kids) to be who we were born to be and fully embrace that. This book certainly reminds us of that wisdom.


About the Author?

I am Alex Iglecia. I am a wolf, like you.
Despite unique achievements and over a decade of personal growth and lots of fancy education,
I struggled to find his way forward. Now everything I do is an expression of me. Can you relate?

Hello! I’m Alex. It was so painful to not know and trust myself for so many years. I wanted to quit on myself. On my marriage, my calling, and sometimes – quit on the planet. When I discovered a way to make sense of my life and life’s contribution, I was able to stop living other people’s lives and move forward with his own. This book is one expression of that choice. Enwolfenment!

I create experiences around the world for moms, dads, kids, and leaders who are ready to enjoy their natural energy, purpose, inspiration and contribution so they can be the wolf they’re meant to be!

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